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Noise Barriers

Noise Barriers Confirmation Analysis

WisDOT completed a full noise analysis during the preliminary design and the environmental documentation phase of the I-41 Project.

The results, along with proposed barrier locations, were published in the I-41 Project Environmental Assessment and at the public hearing in 2021.

Six new noise barriers and one existing noise barrier (between WIS 47 and Meade Street) were determined to be reasonable and feasible (see map below).

Map of the I-41 Project area showing six locations for proposed noise barriers and location of existing barrier.

As the project heads into final design, WisDOT will confirm the noise analysis findings using the final designs of the highway, including any updates to the alignment, height of the road and drainage features.

Confirmation of the noise analysis is a key step, as it optimizes the details of the proposed barriers, enables minor adjustments to accommodate site conditions, and evaluates options for potential cost savings.

Public Input

After the noise analysis is confirmed and the final barrier layouts for each barrier are complete, WisDOT will mail voting materials – noise barrier meeting invitation, location map, and a ballot – to benefited property owners and tenants located in the immediate vicinity of each proposed barrier.

Benefited receptors will be asked to vote to confirm whether the barrier should be constructed as part of the I-41 Project.

A simple majority of votes will determine whether WisDOT constructs the barrier.

What's Next?

Finalize design and complete confirmation of noise analysis

Benefited property owners and tenants receive ballots

Meet with owners tenants living near proposed barriers

Ballots due; tabulate votes for proposed barriers

Noise Barriers: Frequently Asked Questions

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